Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete

Platform: PC
Year: 2000
Size: 896 Mb
Genre: Compilation

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Now you can get the complete Heroes of Might and Magic III experience in one value package. This monster bundle will keep players building towns, raising armies, casting spells, and conquering foes for months. Look at all that awaits: 86 standalone missions, 14 campaigns, 38 single-scenario maps, quests for 138 magical artifacts (including 12 powerful combination artifacts), 8 town types to build and conquer, 16 hero classes, 145 combat units, and hundreds of adventure structures, including teleporters, neutral creatures, and special terrains with unique tactics. Missions can be self-contained single scenarios, linked together into multiscenario campaigns, or played as multiplayer scenarios against other human players across a network.
http://DEADLINK /dl/89031024/27f2ab2/ho.mam.3.oyun.hi.part1.rar.html
http://DEADLINK /dl/89031022/565bd7a/ho.mam.3.oyun.hi.part2.rar.html
Install Notes:
Install notes:
Extract the rar archive to a folder of your choice.
You launch the game from Heroes3.exe or create a shortcut for it.
The map editor can be launched from h3maped.exe and the campaign editor from h3ccmped.exe.

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