BBC DVD İngilizce – Dünyanın En Popüler İngilizce Eğitim Seti (İngilizce)

Dünyanın en çok kullanılan İngilizce eğitim seti sizler için burada…

The complete English teaching video course
1. Whats your name?
2. How are you?
3. Can you help me?
4. Left, right, straight ahead.
5. Where are they?
6. Whats the time?
7. Whats this? Whats that?
8. I like it very much.
9. Have you got any wine?
10. What are they doing?
11. Can I have you name, please?
12. What does she look like?
13. No smoking.
14. It on the first floor.
15. Wheres he gone?

16. Going away.
17. Buying things.
18. Why do you like it?
19. What do you need?
20. I sometimes work late.
21. Welcome to Britain.
22. Whos that?
23. What would you like to do?
24. How can we get there?
25. Where is it?
26. Whats the date?
27. Whose is it?
28. I enjoy it
29. How many and how much?
30. What have you done?

31. Havent we met before?
32. What did you say?
33. Please stop!
34. How can I get to Brightley?
35. Where can I get it?
36. Theres a concert on Wednesday
37. Whats it like?
38. What do you think of him?
39. I need someone
40. What were you doing?
41. What do you do?
42. What do you know about him?
43. You shouldnt do that.
44. I hope you enjoy your holiday
45. Where can I see a football match?

46. When will it be ready?
47. Where did you go?
48. I think its awful
49. A room with a view
50. Youll be ill
51. I dont believe in strikes.
52. They look tired.
53. Would you like to?
54. Holiday plans.
55. The second shelf on the left.
56. When you are ready
57. Tell them about Britain.
58. I liked everything.
59. Classical or modern?
60. Finale

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